Birds of a feather...

We understand that each event is a unique opportunity to gather your flock, whether it’s colleagues, partners, or clients, and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact. With meticulous attention to detail, creative flair and a passion for innovation, Flockable ensures that your corporate gatherings are not only flawlessly executed, but also transform into moments of inspiration and achievement. We deliver this experience through our flock; a team of industry professionals who band together to create unforgettable events.

Ashley Shinkle
President & Founder
15+ Years of Experience

Tampa, Florida

As the founder of Flockable, Ashley is passionate about crafting unique and unforgettable event experiences that leave a lasting impact. For close to 20 years, she have been traveling the world, curating and executing immaculately orchestrated events that elevate brand presence, foster connections, and exceed client expectations. As a team, Flockable thrives on transforming concepts into reality, utilizing a strategic approach to event design and a keen eye for details to tailor events that align with organizational goals and messaging while ensuring maximum engagement from attendees. The Flockable team’s track record includes designing and executing a diverse range of successful events, including corporate conferences, product launches, galas, incentive trips, association conventions, customer events and team-building retreats. Each event showcases our ability to tailor experiences that align with brand identity and resonate with target audiences. The team prides themselves on establishing strong rapport with clients and engaging in open communication to understand and develop their objectives and co-author a vision. This collaborative approach results in events that not only meet, but exceed expectations, in turn, fostering long-term partnerships.

Tiffany Fitch

Specialties: Registration, Event Logistics, Food & Beverage

10+ years experience

Houston, Texas

Kathy Metcalf

Specialties: Fundraising, Golf Tournaments, Event Logistics, Food & Beverage

30+ years experience

Houston, Texas

Lindsey Bush


15+ Years Experience

Temple, Texas

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